T.O.B. Pitbull Bully Kennels is an American Bully Kennel that breeds world class “Pure Bred” American Pitbull Bully’s, otherwise known as “American Bully’s.”

American Pitbull Terrier Puppies For Sale

Our pure bred American Pitbull Bully’s are bred from the very concept of what an American Pitbull Bully should be which is an combination breed of the UKC American Pitbull Terrier, the AKC American Staffordshire Terrier, and a touch of the AKC Bulldog/UKC English Bulldog. The characteristics of an American Pitbull Bully are seen from such in looks and DNA geneo types…The agility and drive of the American Pitbull terrier, the lowness and wisdom of the American Staffordshire terroir, and the lowness,  girth, and loyalty of the bulldog, all of this bred right gives a person a dog that is super functional, incredible intelligence, very low health issue, if any, power and ability to do anything, and a non-aggression towards other dogs, peoples, etc… A pure bred American Pitbull Bully can virtually be trained to do anything, and do it with amazing authority and awe.

All of our purebred American Pitbull Bully puppies are sold to approved homes only, and to buyers who are experienced with the purebred American Pitbull Bully or clients that have an interest in the American Pitbull Bully and are willing to teach themselves the basic points of history concerning the American Pitbull Bully breed, and with the willingness to listen and be taught the fundamentals of such a wonderful breed, which are common fundamentals found working with any strong “working-class” dogs.

As Christians we understand our stewardship role with our Creator when it comes to breeding; we strive to produce a quality of dog that is world class in every aspect, with honesty to our clients regarding our American Pitbull Bullies in every way.

As American Pitbull Bully breeders, we are very proud and thankful for the clientele we have all over the world, they are our first interest, not their money, concerning our dogs. We truly feel that we produce the finest “purebred” American Bullies in the world, and our name and representation of that speaks for its self with 100% of our clients, not just some but all!

For more info concerning American Pitbull Bullies, feel free to contact us anytime!