When purchasing a puppy or an adult from T.O.B. Kennels, the following guidelines and principles must be in consideration:

  •  All of our dogs are sold to or adopted to approved homes only; this includes personal interviews concerning living quarters, past pet experiences, vet references, and ability to care for the dog.
  • Any dogs sold from T.O.B. Kennels found to be mis treated, abused, or used for fighting purposes will result in a breach of contract and ownership and shall become the property of T.O.B. Kennels and will be sought after as T.O.B. Kennels property.
  • T.O.B. Kennels dogs are sold with a veterinary health certificate in the case of shipping or ear crop, all pups are looked over well by our vet; all shots and worming's will be up to date on any and all dogs sales.
  • All sales will be contracted per transaction and all sales are final. TOB Kennels dose not refund puppy payment/funds under any circumstances to original owner. TOB Kennels may aid, secure another puppy, or help with an occurring issue, but refunds are non-applicable in any way, shape or form; discresion is left to TOB Kennels soley per client;  once a dog leaves us there are countless things that can naturally take place and TOB Kennels cannot and does not take that responsibility, only God knows the future. 
  • Moneys can be sent by Money Orders, Wells Fargo Bank Checks, Money Gram (at all Wal-Mart's), Cash, or by T.O.B. Kennels Pay Pal account - *NOTE  - No dogs will be shipped or released until funds are secured by T.O.B. Kennels. 
  • T.O.B. Kennels can send dogs by airfare, land transport, or by personal travel. We ship anywhere A.P.B.T. Bully's are allowed, shipping within the states usually cost about $300.00; to ship outside the US can be costly, we have seen airfare as high as $1700.00 to $2000.00 to Turkey, Egypt, India, etc...
  • A $300.00 deposit is required to secure a puppy and is non refundable but transferable to another puppy.  


Below is an example of a sales contract pertaining to a sales transaction:



This sales contract is between Joseph S. Hart, the owner and operator of T.O.B. Pitbull Bully Kennels and JJoohhnn DDooee, on this day of January 1, 2004. T.O.B. Kennels agrees to sell JJoohhnn DDooee a (description of dog) blue/white male puppy from the Ryder and Prissy breeding for the sum of 1500.00.


The puppy listed as a "blue/white male known and advertised as Koby" will have all needed and necessary shots and worming's up to date, a detailed shot record will be given along with sales for the new owners veterinarian. Kobys UKC registration number is A-123-345 or ABKC registration number is A-345-678. Kobys date of birth is October 4, 2003.


ALSO...Kobys ears will be cropped with a UKC medium show crop at the extra expense of 200.00 at the new owners, JJoohhnn DDooee'ss request. Koby will be transported by United Airlines from the greater Cincinnati Airport to New York, New York for $300.00. An health certificate and traveling create is included in the shipping cost. Flight itinerary has been emailed already to client.


T.O.B. Pitbull Bully Kennels works very hard to breed the best A.P.B.T. Bully in the world, any dog sold that has been found to be mis treated in anyway or abused, especially by dog fighting will result in contract fault and the dogs become property of T.O.B. Pitbull Bully Kennels immediately.   


To summarize the sale of Koby to JJoohhnn DDooee the following apply:

Sales of Koby - $1500.00

Ears Cropped- $200.00

Airfare expense - $300.00

Bring the grand total to - $2000.00


Signed this day of Jan. 1, 2004...

Joseph S. Hart - _____________________________ JJoohhnn DDooee - ________________________________





T.O.B. Pitbull Bully Kennels is a Private Kennels located in southern Indiana about 50 minutes from Cincinnati, Ohio and about 90 minutes from Indianapolis, Indiana. We do not advertise our dogs, but rather our latest or up coming breedings that will be made available to you, the public. Take time to look over this site for information.