We here at T.O.B. Pitbull Kennels try to help our clients as much as possible with owning a World Class A.P.B.T. Bully. Our first desire and goal is to see that our dogs are placed in excellent homes where they will be loved as a part of the family. Our operation here at T.O.B. Kennels is not because of the money, but as a passion. But there are expenses  as in everything in life, running a professional, world class kennel is no different.

Our dogs prices can vary from $400.00 to several thousands of dollars, depending upon the dog, it is for this reasons we offer payment plans to approved clients only as such:

  1. A $500.00 (non refundable) down payment with monthly payments made or a set time frame in which the dog will be paid in full. During this time the registration papers remain with T.O.B. Pitbull Kennels, when paid in full the registration papers will be turned over to the purchaser to obtain full ownership of the pup.
  2. We like to keep our payment plans within a 6 month time frame, we have went longer, but 6 months paying period is desired.
  3. During the process of "planned payment history" the pup still fully belongs to T.O.B. Pitbull Kennels, ownership is fully obtained when the registration papers are given.
  4. From time to time we will have a puppy in a litter that may not meet our standard of excellence, these dogs are sold with an adoption fee which starts at $400.00. Note, adoption types sales are for pet purposes only, no dog sold under an adoption contract is allowed to be bred under any circumstances therefore they are fixed to be non re productive.

A example of a payment plan may be as follows:

  1. Puppy price is $1500.00
  2. Client puts down $500.00
  3. Client agrees to pay the remaining balance off as follows: 5 months payments of $200.00 / or $100.00 per month at 5 months and one final payment for $500.00.
  4. In the case of a breech of contract, T.O.B. Kennels will and has the right to issue an extended contract or be assisted by an officer and re take possession of the dog.
  5. For more details and questions you may call Joseph at 812-584-2793  

In the case of a puppy does not working out once purchased because of the new owners schedule change, mind change, etc...TOB Pitbull Bully Kennels, will not/cannot be held responsible; although we would consider taking the puppy back to re-home to an approved home, the money paid for the puppy is non-refundable / in the case of an health issue with a puppy once sold up to six months from purchase, TOB Kennels will apply all the given funds towards the purchase of another puppy only, all sale are final.

T.O.B. Pitbull Bully Kennels is a Private Kennels located in southern Indiana about 50 minutes from Cincinnati, Ohio and about 90 minutes from Indianapolis, Indiana. We do not advertise our dogs, but rather our latest or up coming breedings that will be made available to you, the public. Take time to look over this site for information.